Download GFIPM Web Services Toolkits

This page provides download links for the GFIPM Web Services Implementer Toolkits. These packages provide library code, sample implementations, and documentation and are intended to support software developers and implementers who want to build systems that conform to the normative reference GFIPM Web Services System-to-System Profile. The toolkits were developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute to help facilitate adoption of GFIPM Web Services.

Toolkits for the Microsoft .NET Platform

The .NET toolkits are available only as downloadable ZIP files. Microsoft Windows licensing restrictions prevent us from making virtual machine images available for download.

NOTE: Documentation is provided within the ZIP files.

Toolkits for the Java Metro Platform

The Java Metro Toolkits are available in two formats: as downloadable VMware Virtual Machine (VM) images and as a ZIP file of source code. The VM images have been configured with all the software required to implement GFIPM Web Services on a CentOS Linux version 5.x platform.

Each VM is configured to use the hostname and static IP address indicated above. To use these VMs, you must either: (1) configure your VMware virtual infrastructure to allow them to use these IP addresses, or (2) login to them upon first boot and reconfigure them appropriately. Note that this includes reconfiguration of the aliases in each VM’s /etc/hosts file.

You can login to the VMs using either of the credentials below.

  • Username: gfipmws / Password: gfipmws@gfipmws
  • Username: admin / Password: @dmin@dmin

If you need to login to glassfish on any of these VMs:

  • Username: asadmin
  • Password: adminadmin

Note that the admin account is setup to use the sudo command for administrative tasks such as changing IP addresses and hosts files.