How to Register a GFIPM Federation Name

Registration of a GFIPM federation name allows a federation to use the name within certain GFIPM Metadata attributes. For a list of currently registered federation names, see the GFIPM Federation Name Registry.

To submit a request for registration of a GFIPM federation name, please send email to GFIPM Support with the following information.

  1. Full Name of Federation: The official name of the federation, e.g. “XYZ Information Sharing Federation”.
  2. Description of Federation: A 2-4 sentence description of the federation, including its primary mission or purpose.
  3. Requested Federation Name: The name that the federation wants to register. It must contain only alphanumeric characters and dashes, and must not be a name that has already been registered. In addition, it should be relatively short (no more than 6-8 characters) and should provide a recognizable abbreviation or shorthand notation for the federation’s full name.
  4. Point of Contact: The name, phone number, and email address of the person with whom GFIPM Support should communicate during the registration process.
  5. Federation Website URL: (Optional) The URL of the federation’s primary public-facing website, if such a site exists.